Fast and flexible filling machinery for the

toiletries, cosmetics, pharmaceutical  and general contract filling industry.

FLO-FILL is a Leeds based manufacturer of liquid filling machinery with over 35 years experience in the drinks, cosmetics, toiletries and general filling sectors.

We can supply a range of machines from a single head bench top filler to a high speed fully automatic capable of running at speeds up to 150 bottles per minute. The fillers can be used on a wide range of low to high viscosity liquids filled into containers of various shapes and sizes from 10ml to 5lt.

All our machines are used by small and large businesses where fast changeovers and washouts and the ability to run any batch size are of prime importance.

Many major UK businesses have chosen Flo-Fill for their filling requirements and a large number of the product ranges filled by our customers are well known premium high street brands. For further information, please contact Flo-Fill. 

Flo-Fill Limited, Unit 7a Brown Place, Leeds LS11 0EF

Tel: 0113 2715522 | Mob: 07976 328730 | Email: sales@flo-fill.co.uk | www.flo-fill.co.uk 

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